Anonymous whistleblower mailbox

The anonymous whistleblower mailbox guarantees confidentiality of communications and the whistleblower’s anonymity at all times.

There are two ways to make your complaint anonymously through this channel:

  • Using your browser. In this case a trace is left of the IP address from which the communication is made.

  • Using an anonymisation network, which ensures full anonymity of the communication in the digital environment (as well as the IP address, which can identify who is online). The most popular tool is the Tor network. Like any other browser, to use Tor you must download it from the download page. You will find a tutorial video about how to download Tor via this link.

Analysis of the tools used shows the most recommendable to be this option of anonymity to preserve the integrity of the complainant, who will often be in a vulnerable situation.

The Tor network is basically a free, open source software program that enables users to enhance their privacy and security on the Internet. When you connect to the Internet via Tor the connection passes through a series of virtual, encrypted tunnels instead of taking a direct route from source to destination. This makes it difficult to tell where the data came from or where it is going. Thus the identity of the person sending the data is protected.

Using the Tor network to access the anonymous whistleblower mailbox is advisable or essential when you suspect or are sure there is risk, because it guarantees anonymity of the sender at the moment the communication is received. Nonetheless, the complainant must also remember to maintain his or her anonymity when sending the message.

It is worth pointing out that, in general, the public servants who work with institutional networks do not have access to this download page from their work stations. To use the Tor browser it must be installed from your personal device.

You should close all other browsers and applications while you are using the Tor.