The institution

We are an institution specifically tasked with upholding the transparency and integrity of public sector administrations and employees in Catalonia. The priority goal of the Anti-Fraud Office is to prevent and investigate possible cases of fraudulent use or allocation of public funds. This aim encompasses any other irregular appropriation deriving from behaviour involving conflict of interest or the use for private profit of information arising out of the functions inherent to the work of public sector personnel.

We ensure that the action of public authorities and their representatives is coherent with the values of integrity, honesty, transparency, legality, neutrality, impartiality and objectivity.

We also act as an external channel for reporting breaches of Law 2/2023 and offer support and protection to whistleblowers in accordance with DA 7ª of Law 3/2023 accompanying budgets.

Oversight of our activity corresponds to the Parliament of Catalonia, to which we are accountable. Reporting to the body that represents the sovereignty of all Catalans legitimates our work and guarantees its independence.

The Anti-Fraud Office of Catalonia was created by Law 14/2008, of 5 November, and began its activity in the last quarter of 2009. Meeting the requirements of the United Nations Convention against Corruption makes us the pioneer institution in Spain.

Mission and functions

The Anti-Fraud Office fosters initiatives to consolidate integrity systems in public sector institutions, from town councils to the Government of Catalonia, and promotes the social values that hinder conducts which are corrupt or contrary to the public interest. We are an institution engaged in cultivating and preserving the transparency and integrity of administrations and employees at the service of the Catalan public sector.

Anti-Fraud Office activity is developed along three lines:

  1. Prevention of corruption: we promote and foster good practices that contribute to enhancing quality in public service provision and we assist and support administrations and other bodies that make up the public sector of Catalonia. We also collaborate by providing training and advice to staff in the administrations. We create tools and resources and submit proposals and recommendations in accordance with the risks detected and based on following up Anti-Fraud Office activity. In addition, we promote social values that deter the appearance and tolerance of behaviours contrary to integrity in both the public and private sectors.
  2. Investigation of corruption cases: we first determine reliability of the circumstance or conduct that was the subject of the complaint. The result of this analysis will lead to initiation of an investigation, or no further action. Once reliability has been verified, inquiries or inspections are set in motion into possible irregular use or allocation of public funds, as well as into conduct contrary to probity or to the principles of objectivity, efficacy, full submission to the law and respect for people’s rights.
  3. Protection of persons who report breaches of Union Law or serious or very serious crimes and administrative violations: to effectively fulfill this function, we can process and impose sanctions and adopt provisional measures within the framework of the sanctioning procedure.

Public administrations are obliged to provide preferential, urgent assistance to the Anti-Fraud Office in the investigations and inspections we carry out. This duty of cooperation also extends to individuals and legal persons, public administrations and entities that fall within the scope of action of the Anti-Fraud Office.

The Office collaborates with all other bodies controlling actions of the administration, through the exchange of information and experiences, and by the coordination of our activities.