Under this heading the Anti-Fraud Office provides resources to be applied in the professional or organisational environment of their target audience. They may be presented in a variety of formats: guides, checklists, infographics, resolved cases, etc., but all have the ultimate aim of applicability.

Guide to managing conflicts of interest

Guide to managing conflicts of interest

This guide presents a series of tools for managing conflicts of interest, classified into three main groups according to the objective they pursue within the paradigm of risk prevention: tools for detecting conflicts of interest, management tools and tools to ensure the effectiveness of the above. The purpose of managing conflicts of interest is to avoid any bias in the public decision taken by a public servant, caused by the fact that professional judgment has been affected by a conflict between the private interest and public duty.

Guide to integrity in public procurement

Guide to integrity in public procurement

The purpose of managing integrity risks in the public procurement of an institution is to ensure that resources and decision-making capacity are used for the "fulfillment and realization of institutional purposes", prioritizing the public interest over private interests. This guide aims to provide public institutions with the analysis of their own risks, as well as the tools and resources necessary to carry out preventive work in this specific area of public management.

Guide to strengthening the institutional integrity

Guide to Strengthening the Institutional Integrity System

The integrity of a public body is the result of the daily actions of each and every person working in or for that organisation: from its chief representative (minister, mayor, president, director, etc.) to any private-sector company that offers a public service on its behalf and all of their staff.

Identificar y gestionar los riesgos de corrupción

Identificar y gestionar los riesgos de corrupción. Orientaciones para directivos públicos (Identify and manage corruption risks. Guidelines for public managers) (in Spanish)

This publication aims to alert public bodies about the existence of risks of corruption and the need to identify and manage them properly, in an integrated and systematic way, within the framework of the systems of each organism. Any manager is also responsible for the inappropriate conduct that may arise in the services in his charge.

Recomendaciones a los partidos políticos

Recomendaciones a los partidos políticos (Recommendations to political parties) (in Spanish)

Antifrau claims political parties, in a document of eight pages sent to all the formations that were presented to the elections of December 21, 2017, the incorporation into their programs of concrete measures to manage conflicts of interest such as a of the main sources of risk of corruption and modify the current regulation of the regime of declarations of interests.