Summary of closed investigations

The following sections contain a brief review of the subject and purpose of the investigative proceedings closed.

No information is published that would enable the identification of natural persons, nor is the individual investigation result indicated, both to avoid prejudice to the people involved as well as to safeguard possible administrative and judicial proceedings that may result from our inquiries. However, in those cases where proceedings are discontinued and no preventive measures need be applied, the Anti-Fraud Office can publish links between the specific activity and results of the investigation, and the entity concerned.

The actions set out below have concluded with: a reasoned report and/or notification to the competent administrative and/or judicial authorities or, as mentioned above, discontinuation of the proceedings.

Summary of closed research actions. January-June 2020 (in Catalan)

Summary of closed research actions. January-June 2020

This document publishes a brief overview of the object and purpose of the research actions that the Directorate of Analysis and Research has closed in the period between January and June 2020.
10 years, 10 cases (in Catalan)

10 years, 10 cases

We present a collection of 10 closed investigations of the Anti-Fraud Office that explains the day to day of the Analysis and Investigations Directorate through concrete examples.