Statutory provisions

Legislative Decree 1/1997 approving the merger into a single text of the precepts of certain legal texts in force in Catalonia regarding the civil service (chapter 4, "On Rights and Responsibilities", enacted 31 October 1997[PDF] (in Spanish)

Law 7/2007 on the Basic Status of Public Employees (arts. 52-54), enacted on 12 April 2007[HTML] (in Spanish)

Law 53/1984 on incompatibilities for staff working for the public administrations, enacted on 26 December 1984[HTML] (in Spanish)

Law 21/1987 on incompatibilities for staff working for the Administration of the Government of Catalonia, enacted on 26 November 1987[HTML] (in Catalan)

Law 13/2005 on the regime of incompatibilities for senior staff working for the Government of Catalonia, enacted on 27 December 2005[HTML] (in Catalan)

Law 3/2015, of March 30, regulating the exercise of the senior position of the General State Administration [HTML] (in Spanish)

Organic Law 8/2007, of July 4, on financing of political parties [HTML] (in Spanish)

Organic Law 6/2002, of June 27, on Political Parties [HTML] (in Spanish)

Regulation of the Parliament of Catalonia (arts. 4-13 on the Status of Members; 55 on the Commission on the Status of Members; 199 on Parliamentary Administration; and 200 on principles of action)[PDF] (in Catalan)

Statutes of the internal regime and government of the Parliament of Catalonia [PDF] (in Catalan)

Law 7/1985 regulating the bases of the local regulations (art. 73-78 on the Status of Members of Local Corporations), enacted on 2 April 1985[HTML] (in Spanish)

Legislative Decree 2/2003 approving the amended text of the Municipal Law and Local Regulations of Catalonia (title 15, "On the Status of Members of Local Corporations", arts. 162-170)[HTML] (in Catalan)

Royal Legislative Decree 781/1986, of 18 April, approving the revised text of the current legal provisions on local government (Title VII, “Personnel in the service of local entities”, arts. 72 and 73) [HTML] (in Spanish)

Law 19/1988 on accounts auditing (first additional provision, 1.e), enacted on 12 July 1988[PDF] (in Spanish)

Law 26/2003, of July 17, which modifies Law 24/1988, of July 28, of the Stock Market, and the consolidated text of the Public Limited Companies Law, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1564/1989, of December 22, in order to reinforce the transparency of listed public limited companies[HTML] (in Spanish)

Order ECO/3722/2003 on the annual report on corporate governance and other instruments providing information about listed public limited companies and other entities, issued on 26 December 2003[PDF] (in Spanish)

Royal Decree 221/2008 which creates and regulates the State Council on Corporate Social Responsibility, issued on 15 February 2008[HTML] (in Spanish)

Law 2/2011 on the sustainable economy (art. 39, the promotion of corporate social responsibility), enacted on 4 March 2011[HTML] (in Spanish)